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AI Meets Robots
Solving the unsolvable with revolutionary Vision and advanced Robotics

Work smart, not hard. See what EyePick's automation can do for you

Our solution


Dive into a world where AI and robotics seamlessly merge to bring intricate detail to your industrial processes, offering critical insights from complex scenes. Our solutions are your gateway to a deeper understanding and control over your industrial operations.



Transform these insights into agile and accurate actions, as we enable a harmony of intelligence and power to carry out even your most intricate tasks. Experience the future of industrial automation where high-performing, adaptable robots elevate your efficiency.



Unlock your potential with a user-friendly interface, putting the power of the production process in your hands. Configure your workflow, extract vital data, update object identification, and more with ease. Witness the culmination of maximal performance, minimal effort, and the AI that works for you.



Stationary photo


Packing into parcels

Automated Packing for fragile, irregular products and parcels

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 18.10.22.png


Bin Picking

AI-Powered Robots for advanced Bin Picking of Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Poultry, Fish and more


Esthetic Orientation, Engraving etc.

Orienting or Engraving irregular products with industrial precision.

Robots working along a conveyor belt. Robots from Universal Robots operating thanks to EyePick Software to package tomatoes in boxes.


Weight Optimization

Minimum surplus, at maximum speed. Discover how our AI and Robotics can find optimal combination for your packing



Meal Preparation

Automate the delicate toppings for your Meal Prep with AI-Driven Automation

Warehouse Robot

And many others applications ..

Let us know if you have an automation issue and we will be there to help you !


Sorting and Defect Detection

Compact, Intelligent and Fast sorting with AI driven vision and robotics

An image showing How EyePick solution can help automatise Tray packaging.


Tray filling 

Fill Different Trays with Different Products using the same AI

Case Studies


Tomato sorting and Packing

3D vision, cobots, and AI team up to match human operator productivity at French produce company.

Let us help with your automation processes

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