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Automate the variable
Integrators, machine builders,

embrace the challenge!

  • Vision for variable geometries

  • Inspection of subjective defects

  • Multi-robot orchestration

  • And much more...


Why EyePick ?

Comprehensive Hardware Range

Explore our selection of sensors, sourced from the most reliable manufacturers and tested according to the strictest industrial standards to ensure maximum performance and robustness. From linear cameras to precision 3D imaging, we identify and configure the best products tailored to your specific needs.

Cutting-Edge Industrial Software

Our algorithms, developed entirely in-house, are designed to efficiently handle variability. From analyzing sensor data (e.g., Vision) to orchestrating actuators (e.g., robot control), our software suite enhances reliability and optimizes the logic of your systems.

Comprehensive Service

We assist you in navigating the complexity of vision and industrial orchestration technologies. We commit to the results of our solutions and offer a comprehensive service covering everything from hardware selection to the implementation of customized applications.


Stationary photo
Robots working along a conveyor belt. Robots from Universal Robots operating thanks to EyePick Software to package tomatoes in boxes.


Weight Optimization

Minimum surplus, at maximum speed. Discover how our AI and Robotics can find optimal combination for your packing


Sorting and Defect Detection

Compact, Intelligent and Fast sorting with AI driven vision and robotics

calcul prehension.png


Grip calculation

Position detection and calculation of the point of contact with the product according to the shape of the gripper, taking account of obstacles.



Bin picking

Detection of complex bulk objects, calculation of optimal grasping points, and robot control from the camera for a simple task.


High-speed counting/detection

Object tracking using vision and counting. The same object is recognised betweenseveral  successive images. KPIs and reports available

detection fruits.png


Detection of fruits

Detection of moving fruits with varying shapes achieved through AI vision. Possible inspection for defects.



Bulk labelling

Assessment of the best way to place a label on a variable product, displayed in bulk.

detection bagages.png


Object tracking

Detection of moving objects of variable shapes (for instance, luggage on a conveyor belt) achieved through AI vision.



Detection of "subjective" defects, thanks to AI training based on supplied examples. Quantification of the extent of the defect, and cursor tools for setting the tolerance.



Packing into parcels

Automated Packing for fragile, irregular products and parcels


Placing with orientation

Estimation of the 3D orientation of a product and calculation of the available space in order to place it according to an aesthetic constraint.

detection eclairage changeant.png

Detection despite changing lighting

AI vision enables robust object detection under changing lighting conditions, even on complex items such as transparent trays.

detection biscuits.png


Detection of biscuits

Detection of moving biscuits achieved through AI vision. Possible inspection for defects, breakage, etc.


Esthetic Orientation, Engraving etc.

Orienting or Engraving irregular products with industrial precision.

Capture d'écran 2024-05-07 150256_edited.jpg

Heterogeneous depalletization

Detection of products with variable characteristics (size, geometry, position, texture, etc.) and unloading to a known or calculated position. Robot guidance from the camera is possible.

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 18.10.22.png


Bin Picking

AI-Powered Robots for advanced Bin Picking of Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Poultry, Fish and more



Meal Preparation

Automate the delicate toppings for your Meal Prep with AI-Driven Automation

An image showing How EyePick solution can help automatise Tray packaging.


Tray filling 

Fill Different Trays with Different Products using the same AI




Precision measurement of objects, down to the millimeter, using sensors. Can be performed in static or dynamic conditions.

detection de bouteilles.png

Detection and inspection of bottles

Detection of high-speed moving bottles with possible inspection for defects (label, cap, breakage, etc.).

Warehouse Robot

And many others applications ..

Let us know if you have an automation issue and we will be there to help you !

Case Studies


Tomato sorting and Packing

3D vision, cobots, and AI team up to match human operator productivity at French produce company.

Let us help with your automation processes

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