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Better Onions with AI: Streamlining Onion Sorting with EyePick

Better Onions with AI: Streamlining Onion Sorting with EyePick

Setting the Stage

The Company, a prominent onion producer, is committed to delivering the best produce to its market. They wanted to perfect their sorting process to make sure only the best onions reached their customers. The task involved identifying defective onions within their production line, selectively picking them, and evacuating them from the stream.

However, onion sorting is a complex task, demanding expert knowledge of onion varieties, defect types, and customer acceptability criteria. Operators must simultaneously monitor dozens of onions, classify them, and coordinate their hand movements, which can be tiring, especially during periods of high production.

The production line required a high-throughput solution that could process onions swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, this had to be automated within the existing plant, which meant the robot needed to be retrofitted into the sorting line.

All that was added were a camera and a robot.

The EyePick Way

EyePick developed an advanced AI system that could mimic human-like perception, enabling the robot to anticipate the trajectory of moving onions, including when they rolled.

This AI was trained to identify a broad spectrum of defects such as rot, varying maturity levels, the presence of unexpected objects, peeled onions, many more quality checks.

Finally, the deployed robot was chosen for its capacity to collaborate safely alongside the human team, helping them get the job done faster and better.

The Outcome

EyePick’s innovative solution created a tangible impact on the onion farm's operation by offering an optimal blend of technology and practicality:

1.     Predictable Efficiency: EyePick's system delivers consistent performance and efficiency, no matter the volume of onions on the line. With AI on your side, you can rest easy knowing that the sorting job will be done efficiently and effectively, day in and day out.

2.     Quality Control Insight: By identifying and categorizing defects, our solution provides real-time insights into product quality. Not only can you see what is going wrong and when, but you can also trace it back to specific crops and times of the year.

3.     Systematic Sorting: Our technology doesn't just sort onions - it understands them. EyePick’s AI algorithms can analyze each onion, allowing for systematic sorting based on a multitude of factors, ensuring only the best ones make it to market.

4.     Human-Robot Teamwork: The deployed robot was designed with human collaboration in mind. Whether it’s during peak harvest season or during unexpected surges in production, our system can work in tandem with human operators to maintain smooth and efficient operations.

5.    Data-Driven Decisions: With the real-time feedback our system provides, you are always informed about your production's performance and can make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations.


Without changing the plant, our solution delivered substantial benefits for our client, with efficiency and precision like never before. It's not just about sorting, but about providing real-time data for smart, informed decisions and ensuring seamless human-robot teamwork even during peak production periods.

This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach - this is about providing you a solution tailored to your specific needs. It's about using cutting-edge technology, and the best robots on the market, to ensure your business runs smoother, smarter, and more efficiently.

If you've seen the potential of EyePick and are eager to learn what it can do for your business, don't wait. Reach out to us and let's explore how our AI solutions can drive your business towards a future of efficiency and precision.

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